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The Future of Customer Surveys

When it comes to gathering customer feedback, measuring the customer experience isn’t easy. Albeit quantitative and qualitative surveys are still the norm, response rates continue to drop (most enterprises are hovering around the 2 percent mark). Furthermore, customers are not providing qualitative feedback. 

Applying machine learning on top of conversations can provide a NPS custom satisfaction score for every assisted customer interaction. This gives call centers the ability to zoom in and out across customer service teams and see a broader picture.

Join Temkin Group and Mattersight on Thursday, November 9 for a 60-minute webinar that talks to the changing face of surveys and actions that you can take to keep your organization ahead. Temkin Group's CCXP Customer Experience Transformist, Jen Rodstrom and Mattersight’s VP of Data Science, Andy Traba will share: 

  • The state of survey operations to measure customer experience

  • How companies are transitioning to machine learning to predict a survey score for 100 percent of the conversations

  • Use case with a Fortune 500 insurance company

About the Speakers

Andy Traba

Andy is Vice President of Behavioral and Data Science at Mattersight, a company that unleashes the power of personality to improve every interaction with every customer every time. Andy runs the team that is responsible for generating algorithms that turn freeform conversations into data along with the team that builds applications around those datasets.

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Jen Rodstrom

Jen is a Certified Customer Experience Professional and has more than 10 years of experience as a customer experience practitioner and a market research practitioner. Her areas of expertise include customer insight, voice of the customer, text analytics, and all facets of market research involving customer satisfaction, new product design, and benchmarking studies. 

Join us on Thursday, November 9 | Noon-1:00pm Central, 1:00-2:00pm Eastern, 10:00-11:00am Pacific

The Future of Customer Surveys